Your Data is valuable. Just like art. Protect it.

A data shopping experiment by Kaspersky Lab.

How to use Data Dollars

We’ve opened the world’s first shop using this new currency: The Data Dollar Store. For two days only, The Data Dollar Store will sell exclusive products created by world-famous street artist, Ben Eine. Money won’t get you anywhere. So, when you decide what the art is worth to you, don’t think what you’re willing to pay – think what you’re willing to share.

How much is your personal data worth?

An email. A Facebook post. A Like. Every day, without realising it, we pay for things with data. Our shopping data gets us store loyalty points. Email addresses get us wifi access. Likes get us tailored, convenient advertising.

We’re paying with data all the time. But they’re not official transactions. So we don’t even realise we’re doing it. But our data is valuable and cybercriminals for example have understood that. Because we don’t realise data has value. So we don’t protect it. Although, according to a global survey, 29% of people worldwide have become victim of a cyberattack, 39% leave their devices unprotected from attacks. A study about the value of data earlier this year also showed that people would give away their emotionally valuable data for surprisingly little amounts.

At Kaspersky Lab, we want to change that. So we’ve launched a new global currency based on your personal data which we are presenting in an exceptional shop experience in London – Data Dollars.

An exclusive partnership

Just like art, data has value. But you can’t see, or touch, or hold that value. It’s intangible.

Ben Eine is one of the most successful street artists in the world. He began his career in Shoreditch. Today, his iconic letters can be seen in cities all over the globe, as well as Old Street Roundabout – the home of The Data Dollar Store. So he was a perfect partner to work with us.

Ben Eine has created a bespoke ‘K’ for Kaspersky Lab. This is a one-off, limited edition letter available only at The Data Dollar Store.

Who is Ben Eine?

Ben Eine specialises in bright, colourful alphabet lettering.

He began his career right here, in Shoreditch, through a partnership with Banksy and today his iconic letters can be seen in cities all over the globe.

In 2010, David Cameron gifted his artwork to President Obama and a particular area of the East End was even named ‘Alphabet City’ after his shopfront shutter art.

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